Some young tiktokers wanna cancel Eminem

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Eminem has been on the Twitter trend for several days now. And this because the Z generation wants to “ban” the rapper. Generation Y, who grew up with the rapper, does not agree.

Eminem is not a rapper like the others. Provocative, he doesn’t leave anyone unmoved, his fans as well as his detractors. Lately, the rapper is at the center of an intergenerational war, relayed by Mouv. On one side, the Z generation, regrouping people born between 1997 and 2010. On the other hand, generation Y, regrouping people born between 1981 and 1996 and who grew up with Slim Shady’s music. The first generation is just beginning to understand Marshall’s music. And this music has been the target of many critics in recent days.

Indeed, the Z generation considers Eminem’s art too provocative and not enough in line with today’s society. They are simply asking for a ban on Eminem’s discography, using TikTok and Twitter to get their message across. Generation Y has been defending Slim Shady tooth and nail for a few days. Eminem’s music has really accompanied this generation, and to see it being questioned is not acceptable to most of them.

“Love The Way You Lie”: the starting point

It all started in February, according to the New York Post, when a TikTok questioned the song “Love The Way You Lie“, in feat with Rihanna. In question, according to this use of the social network, is “the glorification of violence against women”. The polemic then gained momentum among the Z generation, until it reached the top trends on TikTok and Twitter. Controversy, which makes the elders of this generation laugh softly. Eminem has crossed the times, and with him, the polemics have always followed him. Too provocative, too violent, too disrespectful, many adjectives have been attached to the Detroit rapper. Adjectives that he always brushed aside, always putting the most important thing back at the center of the debate: his music.

And despite some criticism about the quality of his latest projects (Lil Pump can testify to this), the facts are there. Eminem is still there and continues to be at the top of the charts in the United States. As if nothing could reach him, and that he would always be there. One more polemic to his credit, one more polemic that will eventually deflate and confirm one thing: Eminem’s music leaves no one indifferent. And this, since he arrived like a tornado in US rap.

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