Remember Short Round from Indiana Jones? Take a deep breath before checking

Short Round
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Today, for our new appointment on what became the leading actors of the ’80-’90s, let’s linger on the career of Jonathan Ke Quan. This name certainly doesn’t mean much to you and that’s quite normal. But have you heard of Short Round or Data?

Yes, Jonathan Ke Quan was in the Goonies band and also played Demi-lune in Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom.
Quan was born in Saigon, South Vietnam. His mother was born in Hong Kong and his father was born in China. He was forced to leave his country where the army of the Republic of Vietnam was defeated in the fall of Saigon. His family was chosen for political asylum and emigrated to the United States. He later became an actor and, at the age of 12, played the role of Harrison Ford’s sidekick “Half Moon” in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. After playing this role, his family changed his name to Ke Huy, the name under which he is credited in the film.

Stuntman after actor
He then decided to follow a university course and graduated from the prestigious California University of Cinema and Television. Very fond of martial arts, which he learned on the set of Indiana Jones, Jonathan turned his attention to stunt setting and choreographed, among other things, the fights of X-Men, the franchise’s first opus released in 2000. And the following year, he did the same on the set of The One, with Jet Li. While in Paris in April 2016, during a Grand Rex tribute to composer John Williams, Jonathan Ke Quan declared that a sequel to The Goonies was still in the pipeline and that he was currently finalizing the writing of a script that he planned to direct.

In the rest of his career, he played in The Tales from the Crypt but his acting career practically stopped there. However, he did not leave the world of cinema since he is now a choreographer of fights, notably in Matrix and X-men.

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