Jessica Jones and The Punisher are back to Marvel Studios.

Jessica Jones
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Two years since Netflix ended the adventures of The Punisher and Jessica Jones, as a result of a termination of their partnership with the late Marvel Television. It was explained afterwards that the use of the characters by the parent company could only take place after two years and, because time flies, the legal deadline to respect is now over.

It is a reminder in due form that this simple article is a reminder: the delay of non-use of Jessica Jones and The Punisher by Marvel Studios (since Marvel Television has since been absorbed, all the firm’s efforts on the small screen are now for Disney+) is concluded since yesterday, at the time of publication of this article.

That is to say that Marvel Studios is once again free to use these characters for future productions. If many unscrupulous media have taken advantage of the last two years to announce all possible rumors about the return of these characters in the meantime, on whatever medium, and nothing came of it (of course), we can now make sure that the same people will now take the opportunity to do exactly the same thing on all future projects – and by throwing everything and anything away, there’s bound to be a moment when it will hit the mark. Within the range of possibilities, there are two main choices: either to relaunch series/movies on the characters of the Marvel/Netflix deal by recalling the actors and actresses in their previous roles – which seems good for a Daredevil (Charlie Cox) but less obvious for Iron Fist (Finn Jones), but highly unlikely since Marvel Studios would certainly not get back the previous seasons dedicated to the characters, and the experience of Marvel Television shows that Feige doesn’t want to mix her universe with what the others have done (except for a meta wink in WandaVision, the importance of which has yet to be determined), and even less with Jeph Loeb’s productions. The other alternative is simply to revive the characters with new people for the roles, or even if it means putting a Cox back as Matt Murdock, to reboot their universes at the same time. To see to what extent Marvel Studios will take its time to re-exploit the heroes of its street-level universe. It seems obvious that the production of a series like Moon Knight can be a first step to bring back a kind of micro-universe shared in the great MCU fresco. For now, everything will remain speculation: and since speculation is not that useful, we’ll wait for some news from the studio or the Hollywood media a minimum of seriousness to see the developments of this story.

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