The Gorilla Glue Girl’s nightmare just ended

Gorilla Glue Girl
Written by admin-fashionB

Relief for Jessica Brown, the American from Louisiana who had applied an extra-strong glue on her hair. After spreading a distress message on social networks last week, it gave rise to a national mobilization: Internet users, hairdressers, and surgeons wanted to give a hand to the woman who is now known as “Gorilla Glue Girl”, in reference to the brand of glue she used.

On Wednesday morning, she finally turned to plastic surgeon Michael Obeng in California, who told CBS Los Angeles that the operation went “well”. She finally published the saga online, saying she desperately needed a solution after trying olive oil, tea tree oil, and other preparations – until a doctor came to the rescue. The operation was performed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Michael Obeng, who offered to do the operation for free for $12,500.

A stupid man from Los Angeles also found himself in this woman’s hard situation. A video Martin posted on Facebook shows him applying the adhesive to the ring of the plastic cup and then putting it on his nose. Martin was unable to remove the cup by himself and had to go to the hospital to have it painfully removed.

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