Megan Markle shared her pregnancy on valentine’s day

Harry and Megan
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle called a photographer friend to announce the good news. Misan Harriman took a black and white picture of the couple. It shows Prince Harry sitting in the grass, barefoot, Meghan Markle with her head in her lap. The Duchess has her hand on her round belly. The photographer writes a caption on her picture: “Meg, I was at your wedding and witnessed the beginning of your love story and my friend, I am honored to capture the moment as she grows up. “This royal baby will mark another milestone for the “Megxit” as he will be the first great-grandchild of Elizabeth II to be born outside the United Kingdom.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry both have an eye for detail. Having just announced that they are expecting their second child, they have chosen Valentine’s Day to share the good news. A choice that is not at all insignificant. Why is this? Because it was on Valentine’s Day 1984 that Princess Diana herself had announced that she was pregnant with her second child, Prince Harry.

In the latter, Prince Harry is sitting in a corner of grass with his wife’s head on his leg. They share a tender gaze. Meghan Markle is dressed in a white dress and caresses a belly that seems already quite round. The news comes a few months after the revelation of the miscarriage of the former actress. She had shared the news in a long text unveiled last November.

 Prince Harry sits on the grass, wearing a casual linen shirt and pants, stroking his wife’s hair while looking at her. We can see Meghan Markle lying on the ground, her head resting on Harry’s lap, as she touches his bump and smiles at him. All in all, it’s a pretty romantic shot – and perfectly synchronized with their Valentine’s Day announcement.

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