Obama-designed Nike Hyperdunk’s auction will be canceled.

Obama Sneakers
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A pair of Nike Hyperdunk for $25,000, is that really reasonable? That’s when they were created by Barack Obama.
Sotheby’s puts on sale in February a pair of sneakers designed by the former US president. Sneakers of great rarity that will probably panic collectors.
These Nike Hyperdunk sneakers, available in US size 12.5 (or 47 in European size), are inspired by the pair worn by the national basketball team at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
They are printed with several patriotic symbols, such as the presidential seal and the bald eagles bearing the number 1776, which refers to the year of the U.S. declaration of independence. The inside of the sneakers also bears the number 44, which is a nod to the title of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.

The market for collector’s sneakers has been booming for several months, to the point that auction houses no longer hesitate to offer exceptional examples to attract new collectors to their ecosystem.
Sotheby’s caused a sensation last December by announcing the sale of a pair of unique sneakers designed by the equipment manufacturer adidas and the German porcelain manufacturer Meissen.

“With President Obama’s well-known love of the game, a basketball shoe was a natural choice,” said Sotheby’s. However, news came that the consignor wants to pull the shoes from the auction without further explanation. Let’s hope another occasion will pop up to release the shoes for auction.

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